Question on Licensing for Cloudmin

I’m a little confused by the descriptions of the Cloudmin licenses. I understand that the 10 instance license is limited to controlling virtual machines on one physical server - but what about Amazon cloud instances? Does the 10 instance license work with Amazon? Or only the 50 or more? The description is a little sketchy re: cloud instances in general.

My situation is that I’d like to try this out on one server with virtual Xen instances (very few - probably 1 or 2) and would also like to be able to try out a few Amazon instances in the process.

AFAIK the instance licenses arent limited to a single server at all. You install cloudmin on a single server (or vm like i did), then add as many xen hosts as you like.

Well, yes, that’s what I would have thought as well, but the description of the 10 license says -

Cloudmin annual (1 year) license for ten guest instances one physical host server using a single virtualization technology. This product can only manage guest instances on a single computer. If you have a single Linux system that you’d like to virtualize quickly and easily, or if you are reselling Cloudmin enabled hosting systems, this is the product for you.
Which seems pretty clear that it only works wiht one host server.

And none of them say anything about using Amazon instances. So I’m not really sure what the actual case is.

That description is just wrong. :wink:

We tinkered with very specific licensing options for a little while before going live with Cloudmin, but found it just cluttered up the shop with way too many confusing options.

Cloudmin 10 can manage virtual machines on any number of host systems (up to 10, I suppose), and all virtualization types are supported, including EC2.

Sorry for the confusion, and thanks for bringing this to my attention. We were in such a rush during launch that a lot of little issues slipped by unnoticed.

So the Cloudmin 10/50/100 Licenses have all the same Features?

What Virtualmin Pro Licenses would be needed to run inside this 10/50/100 Instances?

With Virtualmin Pro we have Servers/Domains for Licensing, Cloudmin has Hosts/Instances. It would be nice to see some Licensing/Setup examples for a Company/ISP.

Virtualmin is licensed as it would be for any other server afaik. Also, there are no actual host limits for Cloudmin, just instance limits. He only said 10 hosts for the Cloudmin 10 license because obviously you couldnt have more hosts than you do instances.

Indeed, I think it reads, 10 instances on any number of hosts.

i.e you have 100 servers (hosts), on 1 of them runs cloudmin 10.

You can create 10 guests, it doesn’t matter on which of those 100 servers you have them or if you spread them over 10 servers.

cloudmin runs on one of those hosts as there is no need to install cloudmin on more servers than 1.

So, all of the above comments look correct.

The licensing for Cloudmin allows a given install to manage N Virtual Machines (or instances).

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