question license cloudmin

Hi all.

I must buy e cloudmin license, for my server.
This server must virtualized some OS (like linux and windows), and each department of my IT infrastructure can join into the server and install the Vserver in autonomous mode.
Each department can’t erase o modified Vserver of other department, only root( me) can this one.
The couldmin license for one server (79$), it’s right packages, or I must buy other licenses?

Thank you


It sounds like you’re saying you want to use Cloudmin to assist you in managing VPS’s.

The description of the $79 Cloudmin version is here:

In that, it mentions:

Cloudmin for Physical Systems for dedicated systems or pre-existing virtualized machines that you do not want to manage as virtual machines.

That is, it can’t create a VPS. If you already have a VPS setup, you can use that Cloudmin version to perform some management functions on it (which is especially useful if you’d like to run Virtualmin on your VPS).

However, if you’d like to add/modify/delete VPS’s, you’d need a “Cloudmin N Instance License” – one of the licenses starting at $149.

Does that help?



Don’t exit a licenses unlimited like virtualmin pro?

No, at the moment, there isn’t an unlimited license pack for Cloudmin.

If you require more than what’s in the shop now, a 100 VPS license, you can talk to Joe, who will work with you to help find a good match for you and your company.

So you could always start off buying the 100 license version – and if you require more, you can email Joe using

If you want to start off with more licenses than that, feel free to email him now to start working that out :slight_smile:


thank you so much Eric, I write imediatly