question deleted?

Why was my question deleted?

It’s a pretty serious problem…


Thanks for letting us know, it looks like it got flagged as spam. That should be published properly now.


I might be having the same issue, I have just created two posts (one will now be a duplicate), I got a ‘success’ message, but I can’t see them anywhere…


I updated my question and now it is gone again… :frowning:

I think they may be having issues with the forum, I’ve posted a few times now and it says ‘success’ but keeps disappearing… I’ll wait now and see if it settles down!

MrMoronIV, I re-published it. If you modify it, it has to pass through the spam filter again… I know it’s frustrating, but I’d suggest posting updates via new comments rather than modifying the original post.

omega1, what’s the subject of the thread you were trying to post? We’re not aware of any Forum issues at the moment, and I see some other posts from you earlier today (which aren’t moderated like MrMoronIV’s were). If something is missing I can have Joe look deeper into it though.