Question: Backup (of website)

Question… I have “backed up” my website content (without databases & user configs etc.) using Virtualmin Pro’s “Backup & Restore” function to another linux server.

How do I “unzip” it? I don’t want to “restore” it as such. I just want to unpack it and choose what to copy over and what to discard.

Don’t worry about it. I figured it out.

Extracted it using > Webmin > Others > File Manager > Extract

I’ll add that Jamie and I are fanatical about using standard tools whenever possible. And, thus, Virtualmin backup files are gzipped tarballs (unless you go to some lengths to use something else). Thus, they can be extracted on the command line with:

tar zxvf

Note that this will create the full directory structure–and you’ll want to be sure you do that in a temp directory somewhere, as it could overwrite files with the exact same name and path (unlikely, due to the fact that it includes the full path and all parts of the path would have to match, but still…let’s not take chances).

Thanks Joe.

I was confused because Virtualmin does not add the file extension tar.gz to the file created. I think it should, to save confusion.