Question about webmin backup


First wanted to say hello to everybody here, this is my first post.

I recently moved one of my VPS’s from Plesk to Webmin/virtualmin and I am trying to get properly acquainted with this product. Everything is running quite smoothly as of now (8 websites up and running, SSL in place, a few security features …). I already did setup a Virtualmin backup for one of my virtualhosts, using SSH to another host in another city, everything ok as well, every night, just keeping the last 10 backups. OK.

After reading a few threads about backup in Virtual/Webmin, I decided it might be a good idea to have a Webmin backup as well, as it might help me, in case of … accident, to restore my VPS. I thought this would be an easy task, well … could’nt get it up and running. I ended up making many manual try, to no avail.

What I think is weird is that I am using the same exact remote host with the same exact SSH as for Virtualmin. The main difference I see seems to be related with the remote file name.

  • VirtualMin: “backup/crm_%Y-%m-%d”
  • Webmin: this does not work at all. It seems that first I have to start with a “/” like “/backup” instead of “backup”. I also tried an absolute path from server root, like “/homez.XX/backup” … Then I made many test as far as the filename is concerned, none worked.

SCP connection is always OK, then I get an error like “scp: /backup: Permission denied” or “scp: /backup/webmin.tar.gz: No such file or directory” although I did create this file and it does exists.

My “backup” directory is the same I use successfully for Virtualmin, so I don’t think this is a problem with rights …

Anyhow, if somebody could give me a few pointers, it would be very much appreciated. Also I am running VirtualMin 3.91.gpl, on a debian squeeze, everything up to date, and my apologies for the approximative english which is not my usual language.



Just wanted to add a follow-up and remarks.

I finally solved my problem, it was just a problem of absolute path on server.

But still, I don’t understand why Webmin needs an absolute path where Virtualmin just needs the folder name, main reason why I spent a few hours on this problem (I couldn’t resolve myself to add a path, thinking that “if it works in Virtualmin, it cannot be different …”).

Other remark: the webmin backup name seems to be a random string of number, I couldn’t so far identify any scheme that would make sense, maybe somebody knows … It would be nice to be able (like in Virtualmin) to have the date of the backup, and to be able to ask to retain the last X days …

Regards. Pierre.