Question about server migrating

So I would like to finally upgrade my server from CentOS 6.9 with Apache to CentOS 7.5 with Nginx.

I have a couple of Joomla websites hosted on my old CentOS 6.9 with Apache and I would like to transfer them to the new CentOS 7.5 with Nginx.

What is the best way to do this? If I simply create a server backup for each website in Virtualmin, would I then be able to simply restore them unto the new CentOS 7.5 with Nginx or would I need to manually tweak the config files to make the websites run again on Nginx web server?



I’ll be honest, I forget how that works!

I can’t recall if having Nginx enabled in place of Apache is enough to get Virtualmin to set that up, or if it’ll simply attempt to setup Apache, and then complain when it can’t.

You shouldn’t have to do anything manually in the config files though.

Worst case is that after migrating, you may have to disable the “Apache Website” feature for all the domains you’ve moved over, then enable the “Nginx” feature instead.


That sounds good, I might give it a try this weekend. Thanks!

So I just tried restoring 2 of my server backups from my old CentOS 6.9 unto my new CentOS 7.5 server and for some reason it’s not restoring the Mail / FTP users. Am I doing something wrong?

Also just noticed that MySQL database didn’t restore either.


Hmm, is what’s being restored a full backup, and a top-level Virtual Server?

If you’re restoring a sub-server, or an incremental server, that could explain why you aren’t seeing everything.


Looks like those issues were happening because I tried restoring backups after I uninstalled apache and installed nginx. I did another fresh install of centos 7 and virtualmin and restored my backups and everything got restored perfectly.

I may have to give up on the idea of running nginx for webserver, it looks like nginx is not ready to be used on virtualmin yet, too many issues still, many things are broken.