Question about repos - some packages not found for update


I want to update rsync, I am on v 3.0.6 which I can see is May 2009 whereas v 3.0.9 is the latest from Sept. 2011. I need some options not in 3.0.6.

If I run yum update rsync it says package not found

So what packages does Virtualmin install, does it change the default ones to your own or something? Then we have to wait for you to update the versions?

Is it OK for me to manually update it, maybe add in the right repo.

Just wondered how Virtualmin repos work, and the best way to do this without upsetting Virtualmin.



In general, Virtualmin installs as few packages as possible from it’s own repository.

In most cases (including rsync), Virtualmin just manages the packages available in the Linux distribution you have installed.

To update to a newer rsync version, you could either upgrade to a newer Linux distribution that contains your desired rsync version, or if you feel comfortable manually installing packages, you could always try that. We always recommend sticking with packages provided by your Linux distribution though, when possible.