Question about mail rate-limiting in virtualmin


If I enable mail rate limiting per domain basis on Virtualmin. Say there is a
I have set it to send max 10 mails per minute from the Virtaualmin–>Email Settings --> Mail Rate Limit

Now I would like to know what will happen if or how excess mails will be handled ?
Say sent 200 mails at once… since rate limiting is in place (10 mails per minute).
What it will do ?

  1. Send first 10 mails and reject rest 190 ie. mails got lost ?
  2. Mails will remain in queue but only 10 per minute will be sent … means 200 mails will take 20 minute ? No mail lost… ?

Kindly advice…
PS: Also user of is using smtp to send mails, no php mail()

Not lost, messages will be rejected with “Message quota exceeded” in the logs.

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