Question about backups


I started managing my own VPS 1 week ago, come from shared hosting, so my experience is close to 0 hehe.

I installed virtualmin with lamp stack, but after having some mysql memory problems and i/o blocking I chaged to LEMP today.

I tried to use my backup file, but it was kinda useless, it imported half folders (I do have 5 virtual servers and it imported like 1-2 kinda corrupted), so finally I had to create manually all servers again and use all in one backup pluging.

I work on SEO, so I will have a lot of webs, and I want to know if backups are realiable in general or is common to have problems. ¿Was the problem related to apache-ngix change? Or I must find another way to save my data, because Is not funny manually migrate dozens of webs If I have a problem in the future.

(I use wordpress script installation)

I am kinda worried about the future, dunno, php 8 is close… and I am scared about change things and lose all data.

Thanks, Relam10


Backups are intended to work flawlessly. Loosing data in unacceptable!

Upon restore, did any features fail to restore, i.e. did you see any errors printed out?

Note: We have fixed couple of MySQL restore related issues for upcoming Virtualmin 6.13 though.

Not really, just few lines without errors and when I tried to backup again testing different formats some message like “This server is already created”.

The first backup recover created 1 server folder (but the server wasn’t added on panel), the second try another, and the rest of the tries 0.

The backup was made on a single file, choosing default format and downloaded in browser and I choosed full recover. Dunno if that info is relevant.

Maybe is just me that it need more configurations or something I unknow.

Okay, can you please provide an exact screenshot of Edit Backup page, before running an actual backup? I would like to have a look at backup configuration page.

Sorry but I can’t help with logs or screenshots :frowning: When I migrated manually to ngix and created a new VPS I deleted the server.

I will be more attentive to problems in the future to share more relevant info.

My main concern on this post was just to know if is was common to have problems with backups.

Since I am new on this field, one thing that that was weird to me was folders management on backup, maybe this is a problem or is normal?

I was expecting just to see plublic_html/wp-includes, wp-content… etc

But I have 132 folders, and I can see pieces of each folder inside them.

Because at the end of the day If I want to save my wordpress I just need publichtml and mysql, but this folder management makes that really difficult.

Where do you see these folders? Backup should only produce a single .tar file. What do you put on the destination path, when creating a backup?

I have just 1 tar file, thoose 132 folders were the result of extract with 7zip the file .

I used download on browser on that backup.

Now I’m using schedule and local file or directory with this path: /backups/server-(automatic date).

Edit: The file that I have from the apache server is .tgz instead .tar, dunno if that matters

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