Question about aliases domaains

Lets say I have as a domain, and I buy up as another domain, can I make it an alias domain, or should it just be forwarded to

Making it an alias is probably the most efficient way, thought I don’t think it makes a big difference. There may be circumstances where one would be preferable, but I can’t think of what they might be, off-hand.

But using the system as a nameserver instead of by IP, how will it find it if its looking for but the name of the server is

Just curious

Hey Adam,

If you create the alias with Virtualmin, it will add a DNS entry as well as an Apache configuration. I think. Been a while since I’ve set one up. Give setting it up a try and let me know what doesn’t turn out the way you want–we’ll either get some documentation written that explains how it ought to be done, or we’ll fix it so the process is more intuitive (or both).

If DNS is currently handled elsewhere, you’ll just have to point it to your Virtualmin server. The alias configuration should allow you to serve the same content regardless of the domain your client requests.