Pv-Grub not installed?

Hi there,

I created a new xen instance and selected to have Pv-Grub load the kernel on the VM. I created the VM and all seemed fine.

However, now I look in the /etc/ folder of the server and I do not see a grub/ folder.

I am confused. Did Pv-Grub not get installed? Or am I suppose to take additional steps to completely configure it?

If it did not get installed, can it be installed post-installation?

Thank you.

An update:

The grub configuration files are under /boot/grub.


ln -s /usr/lib/xen-4.0/bin/pygrub /usr/bin/

First verify where you have pygrub:

locate pygrub


find / -name "pygrub"

And then

ln command from frist raw