Purism "Librem Server" support as a future project for the Omni-min developers?

For those who aren’t exposed to the Purism thing yet, its a best yet attempt at free and open computing where hardware is built with anti-spying in mind.

I am not an expert on Purism, but I am pretty stoked and might be a fan-boy of their project. I think their PureBoot Operating System product is a derivative of one of the Grade A supported OS’es for Virtualmin. Today’s eMail from Purism had a Librem Server announcement! So far I’m just in-line for a Librem 5 phone.

Here’s a line from their eMail pitch:

With Librem Server, our customers get a solution that simply works. PureBoot offers additional benefits, such as tamper detection and disabling and neutralizing Intel’s Management Engine, on top of vanilla coreboot, and our hardware components have been sourced and verified specifically to work seamlessly with coreboot.

Anyway, I just thought I would see what the likelihood would be that in the future I could manage a Librem Server with Virtualmin.