public_html permissions, Apache and SVN


I am unable to find a way to set the group by default on public_html.

SVN hooks are executed as user apache, and require that checkouts, for instance, be performed in a directory with proper permissions: 0770 with the folder group being apache. I may set the default permission to 0770 in the server templates, but not the group public_html belongs to, and all subdirectories(.svn directories of course, which have to be accessed by apache)

Is there any way to do that? For the time being, I have to set it manually.


Good question! :slight_smile:

The best I can think of for this is to use a post-installation hook for this… something like what’s in System Settings -> Module Config -> Actions Upon User and Server Creation.

In there, you could tweak “Command to run after making changes to a server” to call chgrp on the public_html directory.


I want not to create public_html, cgi-bin and logs in config on my create domain with virtualmin. What i did disabled in my config. This my template for my virtualhost configuration

DocumentRoot /usr/local/web/htdocs/${DOM}
ServerName ${DOM}
ErrorLog "|/usr/local/cronolog/sbin/cronolog /usr/local/web/logs/${DOM}/%Y/%m/error_log
CustomLog “|/usr/local/cronolog/sbin/cronolog /usr/local/web/logs/${DOM}/%Y/%m/access_log” combined

First, when i create a domain, he create a directory of logs. When i create a other domain, a directory log ${DOM}, he has not created a directory.

Please help me