Provide strong passwords for new email/ftp users

My customer creates accounts using the same password over and over again. I’d like to provide him with stronger passwords that would be sent via email upon account creation. But how?

It should be an option to generate passwords containing just numbers or letters up to a given length, leaving out those that are easy to misread, like l and 1 and I, or O and 0. Having “memorable” passwords would be even better.

Any chance I could see that in Virtualmin as a standard feature? Any tips on how I could add it myself in the meantime? Kind regards,


it’s already there
you can find that in the system settings - module config - Defaults for new domain

Ron, you’re right. Thanks a lot. Searched for it, but didn’t find it.

There’s so many config settings already that Virtualmin should come with a searchable list of config settings, much like the search box for system preferences in Apple’s OSX

I.e. searching for “password” should bring up all config settings dealing with passwords, no matter where they’re hiding. Regards,


also this is already there.
left column, below is a search box.
when i enter password then this is the result leading exactly to the place you need if you click the link

Search Virtualmin

Searching for password . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . found 77 results :

Matching text Source Module References
…ilbox and virtual server passwords? Configuration Virtualmin Virtual Servers
Password field type Configuration Virtualmin Virtual Servers
…th of randomly generated password Configuration Virtualmin Virtual Servers
Characters for random passwords Configuration Virtualmin Virtual Servers