Protected Web Directory/HTTP Basic Auth - for "non" domain user

I know you can go to services/protected directories and then “add protection for a new directory” and choose “entire website” to create a HTTP Basic Auth. But then you have to go to each user for that server/subserver and specifically allow them individual access to that directory if you want them to be able to log in, which then uses their email/password for credentials.

Isn’t there a place where you can just set up a single login for this by adding a user/password, so that it doesn’t have to be tied to specific EXISTING users?

I know I can just edit the htusers file and manually add a “generic” user/password to accomplish this, but it would be nice to not have to do that and be able to do it via the VM control panel.

We’d like to just give all of our users a generic user/password to access this wp blog and not tie it to their individual accounts.