Protected Web Directories

Is it possible to change the name of the users file created by the Protected Web Directories module?

There doesn’t seem to be a config screen for this module. By default it creates a file called “htusers” which isn’t secured by the the default apache config. I’d like it to be called “.htusers”, which I have always thought was the conventional name for this file.

Cheers, Chris

This has been in webmin for ages, about time this was fixed.

Perhaps submit a bug report by clicking “support” at the top of the screen?

Hi, I just noticed, Virtualmin 3.94.gpl (Webmin 1.590) still does this:

  • creates “htusers” instead of “.htusers”

Also, I imported some Plesk domains, and the .htusers file was put into $DOM/etc, which I loved.

But when I create a new protected directory, this htusers file is in the same folder as .htaccess.

Is there a way to have it ALWAYS in the $DOM/etc folder??