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does virtualmin be able to perform correct dns propogation for 48 hours or it will fail?

thank you

sarantopoulos nikos


DNS propagation is not handled directly by Virtualmin, rather TTL in DNS zone records.

look to give an example
i am using for the moment until i will start using domains for my customers now for dns registration i am using freenom setting in the custom name servers where this is the domain and the ip address is where this ip is asigned in the named records of my server as will it propagate or it will not be found at all after 72 hours?

do i have to perform some settings on named configuration to be able to find the domain after 24 to 72 hours?

thank you

Propagation time for new domains or for domains where you’ve changed the DNS servers has nothing to do with Virtualmin (I mean, Virtualmin has no effect on how long it takes to make changes at your registrar).

It usually takes much less than 48 hours for changes at your registrar to propagate to most of the world…a few minutes to a few hours in most cases.

I just read your other post on this topic, and it sounds like you’re missing a step.

Virtualmin has no control over the delegation of your domains. Your registrar controls delegation (what name server will be authoritative for your zones), which means you have to configure it at your registrar, not in Virtualmin. Virtualmin can only manage the zone records…not the glue record. Your registrar may call the glue records by a variety of names, maybe just “Name Servers” or something like that. Once you’ve configured those to point to your name servers (the Virtualmin server and its secondary DNS server, if you want Virtualmin to manage DNS) it will take a few hours for the root name servers and most of the internet to see the change…but, it might take longer in some places.

But, again: Nothing will happen without those glue records. Until the root name servers know to direct DNS requests for your domain to your Virtualmin server and its secondary DNS server, the Virtualmin server and its secondary are not the authoritative DNS servers for your domain.

thank you , now i understand what is glue records giving just for example where i take it from freenom the propagation will not be performed without the glue records cause just setting nameserver without glue record will not be able to find the ip of this nameserver that in custome nameservers that i provide no glue record not possible to find the first nameserver and it will not propagate

thank you for helping solving this issue that dissapoint me that i buy a server and i will not be able to use it correctly without proper setup

thank you

sarantopoulos nikos

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