Proper way to setup developer access to SSH/FTP/MySQL

In CentOS 6.5 (SElinux off, chroot), I want to give a developer access to SSH within /home/site. I also want to give him access to FTP into /home/site/ and MySQL access to the 3 DBs (site and 2 sub-servers)

SSH: I created an user called dev_ssh. SSH is cert based only login and I have SSH to /home/dev_ssh working. I want to give this user access to the /home/site directory, but the user cannot cd to /home/site.

FTP: I created 1 user for the site (, he can access the entire /home/site. This part is working fine.

MySQL: I created a mysql user dev_mysql, and gave this user access to all 3 DBs (main one and sub-servers’ DBs). The MySQL access I might have to keep it this way, as that user has access to remotely login to MySQL only for those 3 DBs (whereas the unix user can only, at MySQL level, access from localhost). This part is working fine.

A) Is this entire setup the proper way to set this up in a Webmin environment?

B) If the answer to A is “yes”, how do I solve the SSH access to /home/site issue?


should i just post this on serverfault? i imagine the “proper” setup is virtualmin specific…

If anyone is looking for some ServerFault points there’s a 50 point bounty for this question on