Proper use of vs in virtual domain creation

Ive named my system and created the first virtual domain. The system only recongizes email in the form This is not the intended use as I want to have the mail be So, when I add as a virtual domain it does allow but the /etc/passwd entries have stripped off the .com from the second domain. My question is what is the proper virtual domain name to reach my goal and is the /etc/passwd entry correct?


myvirtualrocks:x:516:508::/home/myvirtualrocks:/bin/sh <- lacks the .com in the entry but works

vruser1:x:517:508::/home/myvirtualrocks/homes/vruser1:/dev/null <- lacks the .com in the entry but works

I experimented with and and the .xxx extension is not stripped…

I understand the /etc/passwd concept now but Im still struggling with the vs concept. Can anyone please enlighten me on which virtual domain creation is better for receiving , either or


Hmm, I’m not entirely certain I understand what you’re asking – but either of those should work. In fact, you could create one as a Virtual Server, and the other as an alias – making them both work for the same users.

That is, if you add as a Virtual Server, and as a Virtual Server alias (or vice-versa, it doesn’t matter) – any user within that Virtual Server could receive mail at either address.

Does that by chance answer your question?