Promoting an Alias Server into Virtual Server

Hi! Probably this topic has been discussed before. I could not find any reference, so anyway I am asking:

I have created a Virtual Server with a certain domain, but later on, a better domain name for my website topic has been freed, so I bought it and added it as an Alias Server.

According to Google webmaster guidelines, I created a “permanently moved” 301 message on my first domain, pointing into my new Alias server.

After two years by now, I stopped paying my first domain, and now I would like to know what would be the correct procedure for ditching that virtual server domain, changing it into the alias server domain.

I want to get rid of the Alias server, and transform the virtual server’s domain into that domain (used until now as Alias server). In other words, I want to “promote” the domain in the Alias server, into the Virtual Server, ditching the former (now unreachable) virtual server domain’s.

UPDATE: Minutes after posting this question, I found the answer by myself (bummer!). Maybe it is fine to leave this in the forum for other users on this situation.

The solution is very straightforward:

  1. Yo get into your Alias server, and just DELETE IT. (Disable and Delete -> Delete Virtual Server)
  2. You select your virtual server which contained that former alias server
  3. You rename the virtual server domain into your former alias domain (select Server Configuration -> Change Domain Name and place the former Alias domain)

Thank you!