Proftpd + Yum = nothing ?

I’m installing webmin / usermin / virtualmin
on a Clean install DVD centos 5 OS

I’m getting the latest rpm from

Ive reinstalled 3 times, so its not just one off and the
problems are the same each time

Re-installed the OS and webmin / user / usermin

Installs no problem.
Module usermin installed via click button. Good no probs.
Module virtualmin installed using module

Fixed the Bind Problem that’s been reported.

But now onto PROFTPD
When i arrive servers >> Proftpd i can click to install it with yum.
I do that but it only goes through the motions?

I don’t have a copy of the exact wording, but it seems to say
at the end nothing to do.
It down loads, it checks and then it says Nothing to do
due to yum priority’s or something like that (Sorry)
I can only get the words from a clean install :frowning:

So what i found was a list of rpmforge.

With this i managed to download more.
And via the command line install proftd…version 1.30

But i cant access any domains via ftp?
That’s where i’m upto now :frowning:

My Questions.
How can i get Yum to Install PROFTPD with in webmin?
Or is there away to get the rpmforge version to work.

The response i’m getting is password error ???

As ive been on with this all day being a Newbee to webmin,
i’m hoping someone can post any links or advice as i rest
my poor head.

If i can sort the installer in webmin that would be great :slight_smile:
I will check back in the morning.

Mark. >> Thanks for any help.
I’m re-installing the os and webmin again. so its clean.

Egads, man. Just use our Virtualmin GPL repository for CentOS 5.


The automated install script for installing Virtualmin will setup this repository, and install all of the dependencies for you automatically–as well as configure them for use with Virtualmin. But that would be too easy, eh?

Boy i hope so.
Half way through the OS install and my bed is calling.

So when i come to installing virtualmin GPL
i visit webmin module installs, click on the URL and paste

And then it should install the proftpd automatically ?
Sorry its late, and one of those days i want to forget.

Mark. - Sorry for the "Dumb" questions ive only just found
your forums after going around the world and my head is battered.

Thanks for your help and advice :slight_smile:
its been a while since the last install but i do see myself as
a beginner / newbie hence the questions.


No, it’s a yum repository. If you don’t want to use the, download and install virtualmin-release. Then you can use yum to do the rest:

yum install virtualmin-base

Or, you can pick and choose the pieces you want. virtualmin-base is a meta-package that depends on the full stack (so it’ll install everything automagically). It also has a postinstall script that sets everything up–but if you’re wanting to do something custom, or have already set up stuff that you don’t want messed with, don’t install virtualmin-base at all. Just get the packages you want.

Why O Why did i make this problem bigger than what it was?

Sorted all my problems.

My Problem as a newbie was i seen webmin – usermin – virtualmin
as separate installs, well that’s how it was achieved on centos 4.4

But as you say "But that would be too easy, eh?"
It is now ive found the link and the information about it.

Thanks for the Replies.

No problems with any of the models now.
Its all set up for me :slight_smile:

Thanks Mark ( I guess i will be back lol )