ProFTPD Working Before Vmin Pro

I had a working Virtualmin GPL group of domains, but upgraded to Pro to get additional (much better!) management capabilities. I have everything else working but now ProDTPD will not start; it was working prior to upgrade. Prior to upgrade, I used Qmail, but moved to Postfix to keep things simple…

Hey Mark,

What’s in the /var/log/messages when you try to start ProFTPd? That might give us a clue what’s going wrong. We don’t actually do any real configuration to ProFTPd…we just turn it on. So there’s not much that could go wrong.

May 29 20:45:28 nirvana proftpd[[8644]]: - error setting IPV6_V6ONLY: Protocol not available
May 29 20:45:28 nirvana proftpd[[8644]]: - Failed binding to ::, port 21: Address already in use
May 29 20:45:28 nirvana proftpd[[8644]]: - Check the ServerType directive to ensure you are configured correctly.

Looks like SSH Server is running and has an sftp process that starts when I login as a domain owner…

Hey Mark,

Nope. SSH is on port 22. This is another FTP server (there is a protocol that is called FTP over SSH, but it is merely SSH with a client that makes it look like FTP).

Check to see if vsftpd is running, or some other FTP server. "netstat -p" will display a list of all open sockets including the program name that has it open. Or you could just do a "ps auxc | grep ftp" to look for any FTP server.

I just installed a clean Fedora6 on a test server with Virtualmin Pro, everything is working there. I think the best is to re-install on my primary server. I learned the lesson that changing MTA (I had qmail prior) can cause a lot of issues.