ProFTPd with mysql backend


It seems that i will need sql backend for proftpd, I’d like to ask whether it is possible to do via virtualmin or i have to workaround this also (it’s needed because of chrooted sftp access).


Well, ProFTP does support an SQL backend, though Virtualmin isn’t directly able to configure it. You’d need to edit the ProFTP config files, enable the SQL backend, and configure it to use your MySQL setup for authenticating users.

All that said – I’m not sure the benefit of chroot’ing sftp access is worth the hassle :slight_smile:

You’re fighting against an existing permissions system; and even if you manage to chroot users in sftp, that hasn’t removed the permissions they have to files on the system.

That is, they still have access to wander around the system using any web-based app, such as the Joomla file manager.

In my opinion, the key here is to make sure the permissions on the files on your server are correct. If a file allows someone to read it and they shouldn’t have permissions to do so, you’re best off fixing those permissions, rather than jumping through hoops to disable just one of the ways to access said files.

Just a thought :wink: