ProFTPD shows no files/directories

I know how I messed this up, but I need to know how to fix it. When I connect via FTP to any of my sites its successful, but it doesn’t show anything. I have a feeling this has to do with me upgrading ProFTPD with an RPMForge update accidentally.

I was thinking that I may be able to just uninstall/reinstall, but its a dependency for Virtualmin. Is there a way to fix this?

You could always just browse to the Virtualmin software repository, manually download the version of proftp you’d like to install, and run rpm -U --oldpackage proftp-xxx.rpm on it.

The exact URL you’d download it from depends on your distribution and Virtualmin version, but you can see it by looking at the Virtualmin repo file in /etc/yum.repos.d/.


I’ll give that a shot. BTW I’m running 3.71 GPL on CentOS 5.2.


That did it.


That’s good to hear, thanks for the update!