ProFTPD not running

I installed virtualmin on a clean server running under CentOs. The install went smoothly and everything is working except ProFTPD. At first I got this error
No Such group ‘nogroup’
Fatal: Group: Unknown group ‘nogroup’ on line 27 of /etc/proftpd.conf

I added a nogroup to my list of users. The error has gone away, but ProFTPD is never running and refuses to start. I can’t find anything in the logs as to why. The are no error logs to report.

After working with trying to find out why, I got this message

proftpd dead by subsys locked

I looked at the file and there is nothing in it. Looking through the Proftpd website all I could find was to delete the file. I deleted the file, but it comes back everytime you try and start ProFTPD. Anyone that has a suggestion, I would deeply appreciate it.


Hey Larry,

Which CentOS version are you running on?

Were there any errors during installation of Virtualmin? Unfortunately, the logging and error reporting capacity of the script is pretty bad at this point, because yum and rpm don’t return error codes in the case of postinstall scripts failing–postinstall is the point at which the user/group for the service would be created, and some other necessary configuration happens on the system, so I suspect the postinstall for proftpd failed on your system for some reason. The error would have been displayed, but it would have been amongst a lot of other output, so it’s very likely to go by unnoticed (I’m working on dealing with this problem, as it is a consistent source of confusion).

Hey Larry,

It just struck me that there’s another possible explanation for your problems. Are you sure the proftpd package is ours and not from some other repository? You can check with:

rpm -q proftpd

If there’s a “.vm” in the version, it’s ours…and we’ll need to know the OS version you’re on, so I can fix the package (or at least check it to be sure it doesn’t need fixing).