proftpd does not authenticate

Hi guys

I setup virtualmin now for the first time on CentOS 6.2 using the install script. All went well.

The issue is the FTP is not working. Now from what I can gather I think it is because the box only has one public static IP address.

If I run proftpd in the foreground with debugging I see the following: proftpd[3922]: mod_tls/2.4.3: using OpenSSL 1.0.0-fips 29 Mar 2010 proftpd[3922]: warning: “” address/port ( already in use by “ProFTPD server” proftpd[3922] ProFTPD 1.3.4a (maint) (built Fri Jan 20 2012 17:30:49 EST) standalone mode STARTUP

That leaves me to believe that the “virtual server” can’t start up since port 21 already listens on that IP address, which is why the user in that domain can’t login to the server. How can I fix this please?

Thank you very much


It’s actually normal to only have only one IP address, that shouldn’t be preventing FTP logins on your system.

What do these two commands show:

rpm -qa | grep proftp netstat -anlp | grep :21

Did you shutdown proftpd before starting it in debug mode? That might be why you got that warning that it is already running.

I think Eric is right with the above commands. It sounds like your port 21 (I foward port 20 as well) is not forwarded to your server.