proftpd CentOS vm-gpl EC2 removal

Hi all,

I’m trying to remove proftpd package that is installed by default on the CentOS virtualmin GPL EC2 setup.

Reason is I need to upgrade to 1.3.2 and the virtualmin repo is still running 1.3.0.

1.3.2 has security fixes as well as fixes for FTPS incompatibility with FileZilla.

Anyway so I’m planning to compile my own to remove my dependency on virtualmin to upgrade their package.

However when I try "yum remove proftpd" It also wants to remove virtualmin-base as apparently proftpd is a dependency.

Is there anyone who know how I can go about this?

Kind regards,

If you were to upgrade using an RPM, the virtualmin-base dependency would be satisfied, and it wouldn’t complain.

If you must uninstall the Postfix RPM, and can’t install the new version using an RPM, you’d need to use the --nodeps option when removing it.

If there are security issues that haven’t been patched in our current ProFTPd package, I’ll obviously roll an update. I’ll look into it first thing in the morning (it’s late here now).