ProFTPD and WU-FTPD links visible only under Un-used Modules

No matter what FTP server I try to install, it won’t be active.

I am on a dedicated serve running CENTOS

Webmin always up-to-date

I have FTP access even if I have both ProFTPD and WU-FTPD uninstalled.

thanks a lot!


Do you see an error/warning message of some kind when accessing the module within the Un-Used Modules area? It would normally show a message explaining what needs to be done to get it moved into the main Servers section.


No. No errors but I can’t make changes to files and folders page, for instance.



When you use the word “uninstall”, do you actually mean you removed the application by way of either doing yum remove PACKAGE or rpm -e PACKAGE?

Othewise, please explain what you did in terms of “uninstalling” them.

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