proftpd - allow .htaccess

I have default install debian 4 + virtualmin
How to allow all users on ftp modify own .htaccess (proftpd)

There shouldn’t be a problem with users modifying a .htaccess file.

Let us know if your users are receiving an error of some kind.

In your Apache VirtualHost config, you’d need something like “AllowOverride All” in there somewhere, but I believe that’s a default for Virtualmin.

AllowOverride All - in proftpd or apache ?

I wont users to modify .htaccess from ftp…
what problems could be ?
all problems will be with own users websiteas…

By default, users should be able to modify .htaccess files via FTP.

Those aren’t really special, they’re just text files that go in public_html.

If that does not work, let us know what problems you’re running into, and what errors you are receiving :slight_smile:

ListOptions "-a"


yes but user can not so them
and i am change this by -l to -a in ListOptions