i am facing issue while login at ftp a/c…
logs show following in /var/log/message
USER testadmin: Login successful

but i am getting connection reset with login failed in ftp client.
i tried filezilla / wx-ftp and windows default by cmd
i am getting same problem.

so let me know the process of create ftp user and login problem

i am unable to see 21 port is open by doing netstat -n
but i can see by netstat -a
tcp 0 0 *:ftp : LISTEN
thank you,

Sounds like active vs. passive firewall issues (e.g., you either need to switch your clients to match your firewall settings, or open your firewall further–ftp-data is definitely required, and you’ll need at least a rule for ESTABLISHED,RELATED connections on the high ports, though I always just open the high ports 1024:).

Hi Joe,

may I ask you also one thing regarding ProFTPd. When I connect to one of my domains I can not issue the following important commands:

Cmd: SITE CHMOD 770 tmp
550: test: Permission denied
Cmd: MLST test.php
500: MLST not understood
Cmd: SIZE test.php
550: SIZE: Operation not permitted

Why is that? A setting in ProFTPd?


Not sure. Sounds like it could be configuration in ProFTPd, but it could also be that the file is owned by someone other than what ProFTPd is dropping privileges to when chrooting.

You’ll probably need to look in the secure.log or wherever it is that Mac OS X spits out login related errors (it’s /var/log/secure.log on Red Hat based systems, for example). Maybe ProFTPd will have to have logging cranked up.

I checked, but nothing in secure.log… the path is the same on OSX btw. :wink:

But I found a setting in the ProFTPd Config wich I can not find in Webmin!?

[code:1]# Bar use of SITE CHMOD by default

I guess that should be set to something else than "DenyAll". I figured if I can not find it in Webmin then it does not exist. Now I know… :wink:


Uh… I get this when trying to enter for instance a wrong range for PASV ports… like 21 and 21

Error - Perl execution failed

Undefined subroutine &proftpd::print_tempfie called at ./ line 692


Any time you see a perl error, it’s a bug that ought to be filed in the ticket tracker.

Make sure you’re running the latest version of everything, first, of course.