Professional Upgrading

Hello all,

I’m looking at upgrading to professional but am a bit confused on which numbers I should be looking at to figure out how many domains I am hosting for the license limits. If you look at the attached file am I supposed to be looking at the 24 or the 38?

I’m guessing 24? and sub servers are not counted in the license limits?



The only type of Virtual Server that doesn’t count towards the license is an Alias.

Both a Virtual Server, and a Sub-Server, counts towards the license. One way to think of it is “How many websites are you hosting”.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to let us know!


So according to the image I uploaded I am hosting 38 domains & sub servers so when I purchase a 50 license I would be left with room for 12 more domains / sub servers?

Do sent this make it more expensive than other control panel software?


The Virtualmin 50 license is $199 for the first year, and then $65 each additional year.

We feel Virtualmin is quite competitive with pricing. Some control panels don’t provide per-domain pricing, and instead only offer a top-tier unlimited domains price.

There’s some comparisons here:

However, don’t take our word for it – take a look at the competing control panels, see how much it costs to get the features you’re after, and then compare that to the Virtualmin license you’re looking at.