procmail-wrapper cannot execute binary file

Hi Joe/all,

seems the forum screwed up my previous post so… sorry for the repost!?
I have some trouble using/starting procmail-wrapper on my OSX server box.

When I try to execute it in the shell I get:
localhost:/usr/bin root# ./procmail-wrapper: cannot execute binary file

And then of course my mail.log looks like this:

[code:1]postfix/local[12583]: AB58D1A7B96: to=<>, orig_to=<>, relay=local, delay=0, status=bounced (Command died with status 126: "/usr/bin/procmail-wrapper -o -a $DOMAIN -d $LOGNAME". Command output: sh: line 1: /usr/bin/procmail-wrapper: cannot execute binary file )[/code:1]

What to do?


Im also getting the same problem.

Hi Johnny…

you have to recompile it again from source which (in my case) I found inside the webmin directory. The file is called procmail-wrapper.c I belive. Joe postet some instruction in this post. I had to start to threads because the forum does sometimes funny things it seems. :wink:

Check here: