Problems while deleting domains with mailusers in subdomains


I’ve find out following:

My domain (e.g. has some subdomains (subservers:,,

For testing purposes, I’ve created a mailuser: After this, I’ve deleted
Virtualmin has all four domains deleted.

Now I’ve made again and find out, that he has the mailbox mail.dom3 already (and mailaliases for default@dom1… and default@dom2… which points to

I hope someone understands what I mean, englisch ist not my native language.

Question: Is this a bug, a feature or a missconfiguration?


I think I know what you’re getting at and it sounds like a bug. I’ll look into it and get back to you.

I think I had the same thing, the problem was a persistent mapping in the Postfix module:Virtual Domains (eg. hash:/etc/postfix/virtual). However I can’t replicate it.

I have a theory that it happened because I had originally entered the virtual domain mapping by hand - before I’d even installed Virtualmin.

Maybe that helps…

I’ve read Simon’s post, and want to say that changes by hand can’t be the problem because I’ve not made it.

btw have you found something?