Problems to migrate Domains from Plesk Onyx 17.0.17 to actual Virtualmin


Since a couple of days i try to migrate a Backup, which i have made with Plesk Onyx 17.0.17 on another Server. The Virtualmin Version is the actual.
I always get an error : “Validating migration file … … Validation fehlgeschlagen : Could not work out default domain”
This means that the Domain is not found.
I read something, that there is a diffence in the storaged Folders from the new Plesk. I think this was in the There will be looked for “domain” but in the Backup xml File there is it called “domain-info”.
When I change the Name to “domain” i get the same error.

Now, i dont know what i can do to migrate the domain ( i have 7 in the Backup, incl. subdomains).

I dont know what i have to change in the folder so that the migration is successful.
Can someone please help me?