Problems sending mail (sasl and pam related?)

I’installed Virtualmin GPL (version 1.0.3) on a Debian Lenny 5.0 server.
Everything’s allright but sending email from a remote client.
I’was trying to troubleshoot sasl when I’ve found the problem is with smtp and pam configuration (maybe, I’m here to find some confirmations about that…).

Testing sasl with shadow mech was ok.
Testing sasl with pam mech was so baaaad.

I’ve found /etc/pam.d/smtp was referring to a previous (broken) ISPconfig installation. If this file is necessary to virtualmin to execute authentication to mail clients, can you please post the right contents for it?

Thanks in advance
Francesco Conti

Hmm, the Lenny system I’m looking at here doesn’t have that file.

What error are you seeing exactly? What shows up in /var/log/mail.log whenever you attempt to authenticate?

And just to verify, is saslauthd running?


Sounds like the problems come from running on a non-freshly installed OS. Pre-existing control panels will do things differently…and is way too dumb to figure out how to untangle all the various ways things could be configured. If you can start from scratch on a freshly installed OS, things will go much easier.

We’re happy to help, either way, but I’m betting this is just the tip of the iceberg of weird little problems you’ll run into as you start trying out more of the services on the system.

Everything’s alright now.
I’m just a bit confused about what really solved the problem.
I think following actions contributed to it:

  • correct saslauthd socket permissions (root.sasl)
  • delete ISPconfig’s /etc/pam.d/smtp
  • restart saslauthd
  • restart postfix
  • server reboot

Thanks everybody