Problems restoring from backup

Had a drive failure on a host today. Replaced the drive and attempting to restore.

Couldn’t get the restore to even try, so created an empty VM named the same as the system I am restoring. Now the restore looks like it is going, but isn’t usable after the restore finishes.

Am I missing something?

I couldn’t restore my backups either but I was able to mount the old drive temporarily to copy the contents of /etc/webmin/servers

If you can do that you can just copy your backed up VM files to the default location (/kvm I think is the default) and it should work.

To restore I created the VM again as an empty VM.

Once done I gunzipped the vm.domain.tlc.gz file from the backups and then copied that file to the vm.domain.tld.img.

After that starting up the VM worked for me, but really felt clunky for a system that says it has a restore function.