Problems creating a virtual server alias

I am receiving this alert when I am going to create a new virtual server alias

Failed to create virtual server : Failed to open /home/username/domains/ : No such file or directory


I have the exact same problem after upgrading til Virtualmin 6.10.

Failed to create virtual server : Failed to open /home/username/domains/aliasdomain.tld/public_html/index.html.webmintmp.14709 : No such file or directory

Debian 10 (2 identical servers - both worked before upgrade) and Debian 8 (3 identical servers - all worked before upgrade). I haven’t changed any settings after upgrading to Virtualmin 6.10. It worked fine before.

Any ideas?


It seems Webmin wants to create a new directory in /home/user/domains. This has always been empty on my servers. And I dont really see why as it is an alias?

Hello @maor, I’m using CentOS and as I understand it, he’s trying to use some template.

I believe the number 1905 is referring to some command line, if only I knew which one, I could comment to hide the problem.

Hi @fernandolcardoso

I think it is a random number.

It looks like Virtualmin is trying to access a subdirectory which is not created because we are trying to add an alias not a subserver or something where subdirectories would be needed. Like it is trying to do things it should not do in the alias process. There is no need for an extra public_html in the domains folder but still it is trying to access it. If I create the directory (/domains/youraliasdomain/public_html) manually before trying to add an alias everything is working fine. But that is not the way to go.

I’ve been looking hard for a template but haven’t succeeded. As you also were pointing out I think it’s a script thing. Don’t know.

Thanks for heads up, guys.

Fixed -

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