Problems creating a new VM

Hello folks.
I’m having a really annoying issue during VM creation.

I keep receiving an error during the second step. This is the complete creation log:

Copying 680.47 MB CD image to host system virtualbox.altfactor.lan …
… already on host

Creating virtual system with KVM …
… creation failed : Failed to create partition : WARNING: you are attempting to use parted to operate on (mkpartfs) a file system. parted’s file system manipulation code is not as robust as what you’ll find in dedicated, file-system-specific packages like e2fsprogs. We recommend you use parted only to manipulate partition tables, whenever possible. Support for performing most operations on most types of file systems will be removed in an upcoming release. device-mapper: deps ioctl failed: No such device or address

I believe the error comes from line 254 within the file.

The system is running Ubuntu 11.04, fully updated, cloudmin and webmin are installed from the repositories(as per the documentation).

I’ve got a LVM setup for cloudmin, so each time a new VM is created, a new LV is added.

Edit: The problem seems to be that cloudmin uses parted instead of mkfs..


Well, while there is a parted warning at the beginning of the message – the last part of the message may be the key:

device-mapper: deps ioctl failed: No such device or address

It seems there’s some confusion over the devices there.

I’m not sure what might cause that though… I’ll see if Jamie has any thoughts.