Problem with Virtualmin 3.65 and the restore feat.

Lets just begin with a big thank you for this wonderful app! It’s made my
life much easier.

I run a VPS with Ubuntu 8.04 LTS which runs Virtualmin. Every night I do a backup
which is transferred to a machine at home that also runs Ubuntu 8.04 LTS in a VirtualBox
VM. This machine restores the backup every night so I have a cheap failover box if I ever need
one. For different reasons I decided to reinstall this VM (at home) and also to reinstall Virtualmin on
it. So I downloaded the (gpl version) and this was v 3.65. I then proceeded to doing a restore -
which failed. It complained about "no logfile rotation found".

After a bit if troubleshooting I pinpointed the problem to the logfile output for apache being different from older versions of Virtualmin eg. "For new Virtualmin installs, Apache logs are now stored under /var/log/virtualmin and just linked from the ~/logs directory. This avoids problems with Apache crashing when the logs directory is deleted.". The changelog makes this sound like a good thing, but if it ends up making the restore "unrestorable" it isnt so good in my opinion.
I ended up changing the logfile output in the config files to the same as my VPS and I got it working - this should be automatic though, imho.

Thanks for a great great product!

Kind regards,
John (Sweden)

Hi John,

Indeed, you’ve run into a bug :slight_smile:

They had some pretty good ideas for how to handle logging better in this version of Virtualmin. But, as you noticed, there’s a bug that regarding when the default logfile location is different than what’s in the backup file.

And you’re right, it should be automatic :slight_smile:

Jamie corrected that issue in the his development copy of Virtualmin, and that should be work properly in the next release, 3.66.

Have a good one!