Problem with virtual server

I created 2 virtual server, and , they have ther own directory on /home, when i try to reach one of this domains they only show that was in /var/www/html
Can you help me ?

you may want to first look in and see if that document can solve your problem

The document don’t help, i try with debian 4, debian 5, centos a,s every time the same problemes all of my virtual server display the files that are on /var/www/html, i think it’s a probleme with suexec but i don’t know how to solve it…

on a clean minimum install of the OS, make sure you let virtualmin install Apache, that will make SUexec work the correct way. So exclude Apache when installing the OS (I suggest using Centos although the other distros are good too)


I suspect your issue may be related to something in here:

My guess is that the default VirtualHost that is setup on your server has a * in the VirtualHost definition, rather than an IP address. The above document describes this, but basically, you may need to change:

<VirtualHost *>



In your Apache config.