Problem with subdomains...

Hello all. I have 2 virtual servers (for my 2 domains) and I don’t know how it happened but I just noticed that Google has indexed subdomains and Both subdomains showing the content of website How to delete this all ftp subdomain?
I also noticed that by typing a fictitious subdomain address, eg. shows me that one subdomain, although I never created it. How is this possible?
Thanks for any help.


Those are all DNS records that resolve to your server.

You can see the DNS records for any of your domains in Server Configuration -> DNS Records.

Apache will always display the default domain on the server if it doesn’t have a domain setup in it, which is likely the case with those ftp.domain entries you mentioned.

You may want to ensure that the default domain is set as desired… you can do that in Server Configuration -> Website Options -> Default website for IP Address.

For your sub-domain issue, it sounds like that domain has been configured to respond to all requests (which is a wildcard sub-domain).

You can adjust that behavior in Server Configuration -> Website Options -> Website Matches all Sub-domains.


Thank you for your help. Now is ok :smiley: