Problem with running PHP4 on CentOS5

Following the instructions on I have installed PHP4 on CentOS5, which already had PHP5.2. The installation process went smooth, phpinfo() confirms that PHP4 has been installed successfully. However, when I try to install Drupal 5.8 in one of the virtual servers which is configured to run under PHP4, then it redirects me to, thought it was supposed to redirect to So it somehow adds extra /php-bin/ in the path.

I have the following configuration in /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf:

ScriptAlias /php-bin/ /opt/php4/bin/
SetEnv PHPRC “/opt/php4/bin”
Action php4-script “/php-bin/php4-cgi”
AddHandler php4-script .php

as it was instruction on the above mention page. I can’t figure out what I must change for it to work correctly. Could anyone, please, suggest any solution to this? Thanks!