Problem with port 443

Hi guys, i got letsencrypt ssl cert for my host, so im able to access as and and HTTP://, but when i try to access httpS:// i got the error err_connection_refused and no site is visible. I did open the port 443 in my router and in firewallD and through ufw as tcp and udp. I did read thousand of documentation and i found nothing useless. Please, help me

Im running virtualmin in Debian 9 stretch

Ok,so just toensure we are onthe same pathway,

When you install webmin/Virtualmin, you wou,d normally access the webmin/virtualmin administrative interface using

(In your case you have setup this access via (which isnt how i do it)

So the fact you can login to webmin is ok.

Now in order to access a website, i would now need to create a virtualmin/virtual server (this is where virtualhost website directories…ie public_html would be then automatically created for me.

So do you have any virtual servers created yet?

I suspect your ssl is linked directly to yourserver…that is different from websites on said server…they usually use their own. In your naming your webserver (host) the same as your website url, you are on a pathway potentially with problems. As i said, your server webmin/virtualmin interface should be via url (not

Perhaps i misunderstand your problem, however, this is where i think your problems start.i havent explained this as well as i should have…but im using mobile device to reply.