Problem with Plesk Migration


I always get this error message when I’m trying to migrate a Plesk 8.6 Backup:

Downloading migration file from /predrag on FTP server
… downloaded 40.42 MB

Validating migration file …
… validation failed : Could not work out domain name from backup

That was a backup of the reseller, with all his settings and all of his domains.

When I’m trying to migrate a direct backup of 1 Domain, all files are on the Server, but I don’t have any connections to Mysql.

Thank you for your support guys


So just to clarify, as I’m not familiar with Plesk’s reseller setup – although you get that message, does the migration actually work? Or does it fail to setup some/all of the domains properly?

And the second part of your question – are you saying that when you migrate a backup for a single domain, that it isn’t loading your MySQL database? It pulls in the files, email, and other settings, but the databases aren’t imported?

Just trying to get a better understanding of what you’re running into – thanks!

In first case the migration doesn’t work, after the message the routine stops. So it’s noch possible to import the whole Reseller/Domain Package.

The direct import of one single Domain works now, i had to install apache once again. But now there is a new problem: after importing a domain with all the mail accounts etc. I do nor receive any emails anymore. Sending still works.

thank you and greets

Alright, in regards to the import of your reseller account, I’d recommend filing a bug regarding that. If that’s not working properly, they’ll definitely want to take a look – Jamie may need to see your backup file in order to correct the issue.

In regards to your email not working – what shows up in the email log? That’s either /var/log/maillog or /var/log/mail.log. If email isn’t coming through, the email logs should contain a clue or few on what exactly isn’t working correct. With that, we should better be able to diagnose what’s not working correctly.

I am having this exact same issue. When I try and migrate a clients account (this includes their domains, associated email addresses, mysql databases etc), it fails saying it can’t find the domain name. Even if I specify the domain name, it comes back saying that the backup file isn’t for that domain name. I can’t see that a bug report was filed for it, so did this get resolved or should I open up a bug report for this? I am using Virtualmin 3.47 gpl and Plesk 8.6. I haven’t tried doing this with just the domain (Plesk gives you the option to backup by client or by domain), but from the above comment, I’m guessing that works, but then you don’t get the other details of that clients account migrated over (email addresses, mysql DB’s etc). Any help is much appreciated as I am looking forward to using Virtualmin for our servers :slight_smile:


Well, one of the issues here is that Virtualmin 3.47 is 3 years old (released in October of 2007)… we always recommend using the newest version (which, ATM, is 3.75, released in November 2009).

I would typically suggest that what you’re seeing sounds bug-like, but with a version of Virtualmin as old as you have, that could have been fixed quite awhile ago :slight_smile:

If using a recent Virtualmin version, you still run into the same issues, we can work to figure out what’s going awry there, as importing backups from Plesk 8 is supported.


My total bad on this one. I am using Virtualmin 3.74 (I always have dyslexia of the typing) :). I’ll keep having a play around with this to see what I can figure out, but I’ll create a test account with some basic objects and upload the backup files(s) here. Thanks or the reply Eric :slight_smile:


EDIT: I have attached the test dump file that I am trying (I had to add .txt at the end since it doesn’t like gz files) :). I used the following command in Plesk to get the file:

/ -dc=abcabc -o=dump.gz

Hey there Brad,

No biggy, I couldn’t spell at all before Firefox started underlining by typos :slight_smile:

I can’t really speak to how the backups are created, and if there’s differences in the files it generates. It’s typically just worked :slight_smile:

If that’s not the case for you though, my suggestion would be to file a bug report using the Support link above, and Jamie can work with you to try and figure out what’s going on.

Have a good one!