Problem with migration from Plesk

Hi, I’m using the latest GPL version of Virtualmin together with CentOS 5.1 and qmail-toaster (qmail+vpopmail). I’m trying to migrate from a Plesk 7.5 reloaded server and tried the migration function since it’s supposed to support Plesk 8. However, it seems to get stuck in a loop somewhere as it quickly starts consuming memory and cpu on the server. I had to kill the migrate.cgi script after a while because almost 100% of both real and swap memory was gone…

Now, my questions are: does the migration only support Plesk 8 and no other version? Are there differences in the backup file between plesk 7.5 and 8 ?

Can i run the migration script in shell somehow to maybe get some further error messages? I tried and migrate.cgi but couldn’t get them to work from command line.

If nothing else, can someone tell me or point me towards how the migration script copy over the email users from Plesk, because that is what I’m having problem with… the rest I could migrate manually.

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I ran into this issue yesterday as well. With a Plesk 8.1.1 backup file and Virtualmin Pro. It killed the machine to the point where I had to hard reboot it (power-off/power-on) to get it back up.

Not sure what to make of it, and frankly don’t have, nor want to spend, the time trying to get it working. I’ve taken to just manually moving the sites over by hand at this point.

If someone has any helpful insight, it would be nice, because the one problem I do plan to encounter is how to appropriately move mailing lists over.


I am considering migrating to virtualmin from hsphere. I have about 800 users to migrate; however, I didn’t find much in terms of virtualmin documentation on how to do the migration.

please provide some guidance on how would I go about doing the migration. Has anyone written perl scripts to migrate accounts from Hsphere 3.x to virtualmin?

Of primary concern is a billing module that would have to be populated with the correct billing information for each customer. The billing module needs to be able to handle overage charges for those customers that exceed their disk or bandwidth utilization.

Hsphere lets you define your own plans. It can tag costs to just about anything including a price for adding a fixed IP or SSH access. For example, my hosting plans charge $1.99 per month for a fixed IP. One plan offers two domains and a customer can add a third, but will pay $1.99 per month for each additional domain. My plans are fairly simple, charging essentially for disk space and bandwidth.

Are there consultants that have experience doing migration from other packages into virtualmin?

I could go on, but these are the main points I am considering. I would ideally like to hear from someone who has migrated successfully from hsphere to virtualmin. The lack of a good billing package would probably be a deal breaker.

Looking forward to hearing migration exprience and guidance from this community.

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