Problem with

Hello everyone,

I have one little problem. I think I need just a trick to pass out but I don’t arrive.

I explain :

  • I have one dedibox (private server for 30 â

What’s in /etc/issue? That needs to return something we can recognize.

And "uname -m" ordinarily needs to return a valid architecture.

If you know (really know, it’s important that you get it right, or stuff just won’t work after installation) what OS and architecture you have, then you can force it to use that information.

Search within for this line:

arch=uname -m

Change it to (assuming you are running Debian 4.0 on i386 architecture):


Save it, and try re-running it. I think that’ll allow it to install.

But, I’d be curious what uname -m reports, and what is in /etc/issue.

uname -m returns i686

I put the code where you said me and it works. Thanks a lot.