Problem with GeoTrust Cert

Oh i got another question… for the team… i am trying to put a CERT in webmin… i was talking to Jamie sorry jamie but it would not let me post no more… to the bug form… ok i have a Cert from GeoTrust it dont install right… any help on this would also be greatfull… when i install the Cert it takes the webmin down and will not let it start back up till i put the old Selfsigned back in… i dont know what i am doing wrong… please let me know…

Well, first off, it should always allow you to post to the bug tracker. We haven’t implemented a bug quota or anything :wink:

So we may need to work that out… it’s possible something happened to the ticket you were posting to, and you can feel free to try opening another one.

If that doesn’t work, we’ll need to fix that!

As far as the certificate goes – can you describe what steps you’re doing in order to install the GeoTrust cert?

And after you do so, do you see any errors listed in /var/webmin/miniserv.error?


First i click on webmin=>Webmin Configuration=>SSL Encryption =>Upload certificate and put the CERT in there… when i do it will not let you login to webmin anymore… it stays runnung got will not let you see the login screen anymore… when i look into the webmin error logs alls i see is this:

[14/Jul/2009:12:33:54 -0400] started
[14/Jul/2009:12:33:54 -0400] PAM authentication enabled
[14/Jul/2009:12:33:58 -0400] [] Bad Request : This web server is
in SSL mode. Try the URL <ahref=‘’>

[14/Jul/2009:12:33:58 -0400] [] Bad Request : This web server is running in SSL mode. Try the URL instead.

Failed to initialize SSL connection

Okay… well, you’ll need to make sure you’re uploading both the SSL certificate as well as it’s associated “key”.

The two files go together – so if you’re only uploading the certificate, you would run into trouble.

Second, when you go to your control panel’s URL, make sure you enter “https://”, and not just “http://”.


yes i know that and i have done them both that is why i am on here…i dont know what i am doing wrong… i have uploaded the CERT and KEY togeth and Cert and key Apart… but are not working…

They go in… but they error out the server when i restarts the server

Hey anyone gonna help with this one? please i need this server back up… ASAP

Ok tryed the Cert agan… and right now webmin is down… if i goto it tells me that it is running in SSL mode… so that means that the server IS running but when i goto it dont find it… at all… any ideas for this?

This is what i get in the Error log…

Failed to initialize SSL connection

Any idea why i get this?
let me know ASAP please…

Are you super-sure that the two files you’re using are actually the SSL key and cert?

Sometimes those two can get mixed up… the cert should have a line at the top with “BEGIN CERTIFICATE” in it, the key should have something like “BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY”.

It’s not uncommon to see the CA Certificate accidentally get used rather than the SSL cert or key. The CA Certificate is identifiable by it’s multiple “BEGIN CERTIFICATE” sections (whereas the SSL cert only has one).


It is not a CA Cert… it is just reg cert… and yes it is both the key and the cert… i dont know what is up wth it right now webmin is down… and i cant get it back up… i dont know why…

Hey is there anything i can do to get it back so people can login? how do i change the cert so people can login to webmin… right now they can not login to webmin… and i need this back up…
please help ASAP

If you’d like me to take a look, I can do that. What I need is:

  1. The root login details to your server

  2. A copy of your SSL cert, preferably the original one provided to you in an email by Geotrust

You can send those to Include a link to this thread in the message body if you can.

Also, for future reference – if something is time sensitive, I recommend using the issue tracker rather than the forums. I know you had trouble with your one request, but you can just open another.


Hey Eric i just sent you the email with the user and password…
Hmmm i am VERY thankfull for the help…