I am trying to make a FTP account so that a user only has write access to certain files. I click on ADD FTP USER, and I set the Home Directory path, but this does not seem to work.

I can ftp in, but I dont have access to the files I want.

Any tips?


What path is the FTP users home directory set to?

And where are the files located, that you want that user to be able to see? Are you getting error messages when you try to access the files, or are they just not there?

Lastly, when the FTP user logs in, what directory are they seeing?


I was assuming that the default path was home/public_html

so my path is in relation to that.

I actually just checked this, and it seems to be working now…but was acting different yesterday. yesterday it was just dropping me into public_html…is there maybe some kind of cache that stores this stuff that had to be cleared out.


No cache.

You were creating a different kind of user yesterday. (There is the "Mail and FTP User" which you get when clicking "Add a user to this server" and a "Website FTP access user"…guess which one is specifically for editing website data and little else?) :wink:


I think there is a problem in :

Edit Mail and FTP Users -> Add a website FTP access user.

when you are logged in with user root and go this menu in any virtual host you are able to see : Quota and home directory settings
and you can choose the directory and Quota for the user to access to. But when the virtual host owner logged in with his own admin account to manager his own domain and go to the same section he can see the “Quota and home directory settings” but there is nothing there to change and choose the directory and quota. Therefore the domain administrator can’t create any FTP access user for the website directory. Can you please check into this matter and let me know the result ?



Is there any update on this issue ?! this is going to be very important for me.


I’m not seeing the behavior you describe (though the Quota thing is a bug, and ought to be filed in the bug tracker–it shouldn’t display a Quota section, if there’s no quota granting capabilities). The FTP user I created just now in Virtualmin 3.62 worked without incident.

I’ve opened ticket number 4667 about the quotas section bug.

I dunno what is happening that’s preventing creation of an FTP access user. What error do you get when you try?

No error, The only problem is that when I can’t see anything in “Quota and home directory settings” section it means that I can’t create an FTP user which have rights to only a directory under public_html and that’s the problem. but I can do the same when I logged in with root. I mean there is text box there under “Quota and home directory settings” and you are able to choose the directory which want to FTP user access in.