Problem with Dovecot in fresh Virtualmin install on CentOS6

I just installed Virtualmin on CentOS6 and found that the path to the dovecot.conf file was wrong. The old location /etc/dovecot.conf was being referenced instead of the newer /etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf location.

I have read that Webmin since v1.556 has been aware of this and does support the new multiple config files structure, but in my Virtualmin install it had picked up the wrong path. In fact somthing had created a config file /etc/dovecot.conf with the following:

protocols = imap pop3

default_mail_env = maildir:~/Maildir

disable_plaintext_auth = no

ssl = no

I have changed the path to the config file in the module config but am curious why if this is something that was fixed in Webmin why did it install with the wrong setting.

What is more, should I put the config above in the new config file? is it needed… dovecot seems to be working on as it is… specifically I am thinking if the default_mail_env line.


Hmm, that’s odd, as a newer Webmin version is in the repository. You should have received that (version 1.570), rather than 1.556.

Do you perform your installation using the script? And are you using Virtualmin GPL?

The options it adds to the dovecot.conf file aren’t always necessary, they just assist some folks in some cases. For example, some versions of Outlook default to not using encryption, and the “disable_plaintext_auth = no” makes sure those users are able to access their email.

However, that’s also insecure – so if your users don’t require that, it’s probably better to keep that disabled :slight_smile:

If Dovecot is working for you though, that probably means you can let it go as is.


Eric… I did get v1.570… that comment was just that webmin was modified/updated in that version to know about the new path and structure of multiple config files for the CentOS6 package of dovecot.

Although I am satisfied that there is no serious problem it is a shame the ‘out of the box’ install on a Grade A os doesn’t work properly. I can’t pretend to know all the interactions between the install script, virtualmin and webmin to know what part made the mistake, but it still didn’t work.

The reason I discovered this issue is because I do want to use non ssl imap connections (I fully understand the security issues) and despite checking the setting and turning it on and off dovecot kept refusing my connections. Eventually I resorted to SSH and noticed that the config file webmin/virtualmin was using was not the right one, so my settings (and the defaults put in by virtualmin/install script) were in vein.