problem with domains,...?

Hi all,
i created 4 virtualhosts in virtualmin.
(everyting is created as a virtualhost no subhost or alias cause i need seperate users)


i didn’t change any of the default settings and everything works fine but when i type doesnotexist.domain1.tld i’m refered to user1.domain1.tld which isn’t perfect but when i type doesnotexist.domain2.tld i’m also refered to user1.domain1.tld which is absolutely horrible.

any ideas how to change the behavour to something like,…
when i type doesnotexist.domain1.tld it should refer to domain1.tld and doesnotexist.domain2.tld should refer to domain2.tld.

greez and thanks

I have the same problem.
I have created a virtualserver (domain.tld-> and a sub-server (sub.domain.tld-> with the according default settings. Each server has it’s own directory (/var/www/domain/public_html and /var/www/domain/domains/sub.domain/public_html)

The subdomain has a DNS A-Record which redirects to as the domain itself.
(Im using the DNS-server from my provider, and didn’t set up any DNS on my server.)
But when I now enter “domain.tld” or “sub.domain.tld” it always shows the content of “sub.domain.tld”…

Im just new to Virtualmin so please give me a hint where could be the problem…
If you need further information, to identify the problem just let me know.


I think I solved my problem.

I did’t had the module “vhost_alias” of the apache activated. Now after activating it via Webmin (Server->Apache Webserver->Global configuration->Configure Apache Modules) the right content is shown.

There is another problem which might occur.
If one of the virtualservers IP-Address (Webmin->Server->Apache Webserver->Exisiting Virt.Hosts [2nd column]) contains “*” or “Any”, then change it to the real IP like “” because otherwise the document-root e.g. will be ignored…

Found this here

Nice sleuthing! I’m glad you got it working, and thanks for posting your finds.

Have a good one!